Day 20 and no pip


9 Years
Apr 13, 2010
So this is day 20 and still nothing happening. They are all (4) silkie eggs and were all moving when I candled them before locking them down. I do have them in a cut down egg carton with the pointy end down. I check them frequently and notice that they are in different positions at different times but no pips. Temp is holding steady at 99.8 and humidity is holding around 75 percent. Am I just being a worrywart? Tomorrow will be day 21. How many days after that do I wait before I give up on them and shut off the incubator? This is my first time hatching and I am starting to stress out. Help!!!
I'm also on day 20 only by about 5 hours though. And i'm getting worried / not really worried just impatient and want it to start already. Funny how it's hard to wait for the first couple of weeks but then you hit the last few days and it seems to take forever.
Yeah it's getting ridiculous. I spend all day thinking about them. Then at night i start having nightmares that it's all gone wrong. I dreamt they drowned for the past couple of nights. Then last night i dreamt that i had twins hatch from one egg. I don't even know if thats possible. Made a nice change from drowning though.

I wonder what i'll end up dreaming of tonight.
I will be dreaming that my eggs hatched. Hopefully, when I wake up, maybe something will have happened! This is crazy!!!!
I have known Silkies to be a little longer than normal and I have had them hatch at 23/24 days so I wouldn't worry too much - I am sure they will arrive when they are ready !

Dr Rob.

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