day 20 and still not hatched?


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Apr 21, 2011
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i have 21 quail eggs in my incubator atm, 5 suspected infertile but the rest are fertile. Its now day 20 and they still havnt hatched and have no signs of hatching? how long should i wait before giving up?
the only problems ive ahd are that around day 13 the humidity was up about 75 and on day 14 the electric went off for 4 hours and i had trouble keeping them at the right temp and humidity since i had to put them in the bottom of our oven and check every half hour through the night! :S and how to tell if they might hatch? what since and that?
They Were Due On The 24th. Power Loss May Have Delayed Development? Or The Oven Treatment May Have Cooked Them? I Would Let It Ride For Another 24 Hrs Or So Just For Giggles (unless Your In A Crunch For Bator Space..) After That If Still Questionable You Could Float Test Them
i think if anything the oven was cooler rather than warmer in temperature but then again it may have gone higher when i wasnt there, how to float test them? and im in no rush at all for bator space
4 hours without power would not have delayed them for 2+ days. What model incubator and what was the temperature set at?

I would not recommend float testing them. It is a technique used all to often on this forum. If you have already waited this long, best to just wait a few days more. If you float test them and some 'show' as good, what are you going to do? Bust them out? Or wait for them to hatch? Busting them out will probably kill them anyway...if you're going to wait for them might as well not try drowning them and just let them ride it out.
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2 babies hatched today!!
i am over the moon! although 2 othes have died in their shell
and another 3 are struggling to get out, with the rest of the eggs with no sign of life

but i am amazed any hatched at all
thank you
2 little ones are fine although all eggs that are just about to hatch the babie dies in the egg? last night one chick even got out the egg but died during the night? ive got the humidity about 75 and temp at 36/7, why are they all dieing now?

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