Day 21 and got 2

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Dec 5, 2010
Went in there a couple hours ago and the first one just was comming out. Cracked all around. Cool thing about it is a gal came over to see the setup I had here because she was getting her first chicks here in the next 2 weeks or so. Needed pointers on how to get started. While she was here out it came and she got to see it, HOOKED NOW.

Then next one came, now the two of them are running around in the bator and knocking the other 8 eggs around. I hope that this will not reck the chances of the others hatching.

MAYBE I SHOULD TAKE THE 2 OUT, but I am in lockdown and can not open bator. Putting hands in pockets and waiting,
I have tried a new technique that someone on here reccomended. It is a small ring of cardboard which creates an O shape. I sit the eggs on them round end angled slightly upwards. To hopefully stop drowning and eggy soccer.

I had one egg hatch today and the rest due in 7 days time and all the unhatched eggs havn't moved at all. I'm sure the others will be fine as it happens all the time.

Congratulations on your new chicks.

First time I just filled the wells in mt LG bator put in turner and left them alone. Did not even candle. Thursday I opened it up and took turner out. filled wells and layed eggs in cupcake holders locked them down and looked 5 min. before first one came, Went back and she came out of egg. Sence then every 2 min. I am in there.

Lol. That was what i was like. My egg internally pipped in the late afternoon. Then externally pipped at night. So i set my alarm for every 1.5 hours to check it through the night. To find that it done nothing all night until lunch time the next day where it just zipped and popped out. Needless to say i am shattered this morning. But the proud owner of one more fuzzy butt.

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