Day 21 no pips yet...

I sure hope so, in that case the rest of my eggs would all hatch today, day 20!!!! I have one chick out at day 19, then a pip, now today no change.
I think it just takes as long as its going to take,
good luck to you!
I am feeling your pain! I am on day 20 and no pips yet!
Staring doesnt help as thats all I have been doing for the last two days!
I guess we'll just keep waiting.
My hair will be completely gray by the time they hatch. I hope thats soon.
Hopfully you will have pips soon. In my case yesterday was day 18 and in the morning I added as much water as I
could and lockdown 6 hours later 3 pips out of 14 eggs. the pips on 2 eggs were not into the air pocket and it appears that they didn't make it because the third
hatched over night and the others haven't changer. Also no other pips yet hopfully the chicks are getting into better position
Um staying up all night helps. Really. I have one out @ 7:40 this morning, and one taking a break. I think it's a union thing.
My last hatch didnt pip til day 22 I think my temp may have been a little low. My first hatch last one hatched on day 25. Give them awhile the first always takes the longest then they are like popcorn.

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