Day 21...okay to candle while Mother hen is off her nest?


8 Years
May 15, 2011
I have 8 eggs sitting under a broody hen. I candled them all yesterday and saw movement in 5 of them. Last night, we had a very bad storm with blowing rain. Before the storm, I went outside to check on the hen at about 5:00 pm. Several of the eggs were next to her (not under her)....I didn't worry too much because she does that and I notice that within the hour she pushes them back underneath her...I figured it was a hot day in the South so she could have been rolling them or cooling them off. Anyway, after the bad storm, I went and checked on her and saw that the blowing rain drenched the mother hen and the eggs were still next to her and not underneath her! It had been over 3 hours! Some of the eggs were a little wet too! I put the eggs underneath her and she has continued to lay on them all day today, but of course I am worried. Is it okay to candle them when she goes off her nest (usually late in the afternoon)? Today is Day 21.
At this point in the game, I would just bite the bullet and allow her to set a couple more days. With any luck all will be fine.
We had 3 baby chicks hatch today! YIPPEE! I hope we have 2 more during the night.

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