Day 22 and only 1 out of 9 hatched


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Apr 2, 2012
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Should i wait one to two more days?

when should i remove the little chick to the brooder? the closest thing i have to its size is a 4 wk old small meek silkie chick, but doubt thats a wise idea. i will leave it in the bater as long as possible to wait for more to hatch... not sure when the proper time is to call it. i have had some temperature issues with my bator as this is my first hatch and i have read that alterations in temperature can delay a hatch......

i understand the chick can go up to two days without water and that i must show it how to drink.... what do i feed that baby and when do i start?

i appreciate all advice!! thank you!
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Feed it the same as the silkie, if the silkie is small enough you may be able to put them together. The silkie might be just a lonely. If there are no pips you can take it out.
no, the silkie is from an older group...

was just wanting to know how much time i should give my unhatched eggs to hatch? i will do the best i can with my little solo seems to be doing pretty good so far...
Definately candle your remaining eggs. If you can see through the egg or if its sloshy green yuck, pich it. If not, and its dark, leave it for another day or two. Watch to see if it moves or peeps...those are signs of life.

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