Day 22 egg hatching 2 eggs

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    Sep 10, 2019
    Today is day 22 for two eggs, and one egg has pipped but hasn't got through completely, like it hasn't pierced the shell completely. It's just cracked the shell a bit. The other hasn't done anything. Also I have 3 more eggs that are on 21 days, they haven't done anything either. My temp stays at 38.0 and my humidity is at 59-60%. My incubator keeps the humidity fine but doesnt raise humidity fast at all. I've put a paper towel wet;not dripping wet. In the incubator to help. Anything I can do?? This is my second hatching btw. This is my first time using a different incubator though. My first incubator is full. These are chicken eggs btw. Thank you in advance!!
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    Sep 1, 2017
    The only thing you can do is wait! They’ll hatch with time. Good luck!
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    once you see the external pip it could still take another 12-24 hours, takes a lot of work to get that far, then they usually rest and work on unzipping.
    A cool spot in the incubator can cause them to hat a little late, so just have patience, if you need something to do so not tempted to help and risk the others in the incubator read up on incubating and assisted hatching.
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