Day 23 and still no sign of hatching

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by Jay Zee, Oct 19, 2015.

  1. Jay Zee

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    Oct 19, 2015
    This is my first time of incubating so I was really happy. Got to day 21 waiting for a pep then there was none. Got on the forums and searched up different methods. I candles them and there still alive then float tested them and there still alive. Humidity is at 61 what can I do to make it higher and any suggestion how long it will take for hatch.?????
  2. QueenMisha

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    At day 23 with no pips you're unlikely to see any hatch. You can run the bator for another day or two, but I've never seen anything hatch past day 23 - and that one was after a 48 hour previous pip.

    And honestly, I wouldn't try to raise the humidity. Some guides will say it should be 70-80%, but all my best hatches have come at around 65%.
  3. cityboychickens

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    Oct 19, 2015
    I candled my eggs and saw a chick I also did the float and there was a chick, I even felt a beating from the egg but it got to day 24 and I slowly piped a tiny hole in it and it wreaked. I opened it more and there was only yolk. The same for my other two eggs. I suggest that you might make a tiny hole for them just to give them some more air. If it gets to day 24 and there is nothing I suggest that you do an emergency hatch and crack the eggs open for them.
  4. AmyLynn2374

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    Oct 11, 2014
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    When you water candled did they float AND wiggle independently? The water test can be very misleading and is only reliable if you see movement from the egg itself while it is floating.
    Unfortunetly by day 23 the chances are low for healthy hatchers. My first hatch was compromised by a bad thermometer and I had one hatch at 24 that survived (however as he grew a leg problem became apparent. He's still my baby at a year old, but I contribute it to the delayed development.) I also had one hatcher at day 25, but he didn't survive 24 hours.

    I run hatch at 75% (I'm a meddler) and I use wet sponges in my bator to achieve maximum humidity for hatch.

    If you'd like help trouble shooting we (at least I) am more than happy to help you. I know how horrible a compromised first hatch can be. Fortunetly, I tried again, (though I wasn't going to) and have had very successfull hatches since.

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