Day 24 and no pips - but eggs are rocking - what do I do?


9 Years
10 Years
Jan 24, 2010
Northeast Florida
8 of my eggs have hatched. Most hatched on day 22, a few hatched day 23, and one hatched today (day 24). So, I have 5 eggs left in the bator. 3 of those have OBVIOUS rocking movement, but I do not hear chirping as of yet. In all fairness, 4 of these eggs were all slow developing embyros. They always appeared days younger than my other eggs.

So, what do I do? Do I leave them in the bator and hope they hatch? How often have you all had chicks hatch on day 25 or later?

I also assume I must have some colder spots in my homemade bator. Something must have caused the delayed development, so it must be that.

Any thoughts?

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