Day 30 backwards duckling help please.


8 Years
Sep 6, 2015
Central Massachusetts
2 eggs hatched with no issues on day 28. This egg was looking like it wanted to internally pip (lots of movement) that same day but after 36 hours, we did a safety hole. Yesterday afternoon it was peeping and knocking but still nothing. I started to chip away- looks like this duckling is backwards?? Those orange things are it’s little hocks. It’s peeping and moving. I can’t find it’s beak. But my concern is the pale blob where the arrow is pointing between the legs- is that yolk?? Not sure what to do at this point.
Aaaand it pipped at the wrong end too. So now I can at least see his beak. I wrapped the bum end in a warm washcloth and propped him up a little in the incubator. He was yawning so I’m assuming he’s still absorbing that yolk. Anyone know how long that may take???

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