Day 31/32 on my last/ only duck egg in the incubator-HELP!


In the Brooder
May 17, 2015
So it is well into day 31 and there has been movement for 4 days but no pip. I candled just now and saw no internal pip either. I am concerned that it might be too weak. At what point should I intervene? It is a runner duck
I really appreciate the response/help. Thank you so much! Unfortunately he/she did not make it. I opened up a bit near the egg sac and there was definately no movement. It was fully developed and in the right posision but had not yet fully absorbed the yolk, so even if I had gotten to it sooner, not sure it would have made it. It never piped into the air sac. Again, really appreciate the responses anyway! This can be really challenging, we are picking up some local chocolate indian runners today that are 3 days old, so that is exciting. We had been hoping and trying for white ones but they are so hard to find.

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