*Day 5 Candling Update*When do you to start turning in no-fan 'bator?

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  1. Still air Hova-Bator, to be specific.
    OOO-wee, too many eggs need setting and not enough space, so I set a bunch (60+ ) in my spare Hova today.
    I've never set any chicken eggs with out a turner, so I'm asking:
    Should I let them 'just incubate w/out opening' for a time (24 hrs to let them come up to temp?).
    Or do they need turning in that first 24 hr space?
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    I always waited til the second day to start turning. That way I could make sure the temps were stable first. Wow sixty eggs you're going to be busy. [​IMG]
  3. Thanks Tracy! That's just the tip of it [​IMG]
    I've been keeping a LG full of duck eggs (holds 48 Pekin eggs that get hand turned) and have 2 other LG's full of chicken eggs (1 that gets hand-turned).
    I never thought to ask about the duck eggs, or quail eggs and might have messed up the first weeks hatch by not asking. If I remember, I didn't turn the first of them til the 2nd day. Thanks again!
    edited to add: I've always had room before to start all my chicken eggs in a turner before. First time starting with a hand turning situation.
    Again Thanks!

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  4. Day 5 Candling Update!
    The 60+ set 2/21 had turned into 74 eggs when I finally counted. I candled this morning and am not disappointed.
    I've only been turning twice a day, but have been making sure the eggs on the edges get moved to the middle every time I turn.

    set ---
    27 b/b/s Ameraucana eggs --- 3 clear
    19 American Game eggs
    7 b/s NN Frizz Green-Egger eggs
    7 crele wheaten Serama eggs
    8 mottled Japanese eggs ---- 1 clear
    2 brown mottled Cochin eggs
    1 w/b/s Silkie egg
    1 b/b/s bantam NN egg
    2 birchen Modern Game eggs --- 1 clear

    So, I'm down to 69 in the Hova.


    (yuck, those are some muddy eggs).

    The group set 2/9 in the LG with fan/turner will be going to the hatcher tomorrow.


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