Day 5 incubation Eggs look weird-for-date


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Oct 6, 2009
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I'm incubating 4 eggs in my Brinsea Mini. I'm using 45-50% humidity, which has worked great on the last two hatches.
These eggs are from a different breeder than usual.
The eggs have a little wing-dip when I'm candling & are too dark for me to see veins on 3 out of 4.
I've seen this wing-dip --like if you took a picture of an outspread eagle & took off its head so just the shoulders & wings were seen--
on eggs Day 10-14, but never on Day 5.
Is my lower humidity drying out these eggs too much?
The air space looks too big.

Will a dip-egg make it, in anyone's opinion? Mine mostly haven't in the past & that was seen on Day 12, not day 5.

Are they too porous for the lower humidity?
One egg is just perfect & I can see the embryo with veins, not just light & dark.

Anything I can do to save them if they've had too much evaporation?

I thought I really "got" all the stages of incubation, but I don't get this, here & now.
I can't take pics b/c there's no one around but me for the weekend. --Hand, egg, flashlight, camera --you know lol.


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Mar 11, 2009
If the air space is big the eggs need more humidity
edit: If it is at 40-50% humidity they should be fine
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