Day 5 of HATCH? Goose still sitting on eggs!


12 Years
Apr 18, 2007
We have 4 out the chute - 1 each day. It's weird. She started hatching SUNDAY and it's FRIDAY and she's got 3 eggs left, don't smell bad or anything so..... she's still sitting on them coming on and off nest to drink/eat while dad takes care of the peeps.

Wonder how long this should be lasting and is it ok for her to hatch 5 days?? or longer.......
Ok, she's not going back on to the nest ------

There are 3 eggs left in there.

It is 90 degrees outside. She has not been on nest for 2 hours or so but it's hot and humid out.

Should I go get the eggs and put in incubator on 99? Not turning and see if hatch in 3 days???

I would incubate the remaining eggs and leave the parents with the goslings. Do candle them first to check if they're still viable.

Sounds like you had another goose that was sneaking eggs into her nest. since most geese lay every seond day it could happen. If you have an incubator get it running since she could quit at any time and go off with her new family. On the other hand the other 3 may never hatch the mother can usually tell when she has a live one trying to hatch and they tend to stick with the nest if the gander will care for the ones already hatched. I had one that hatched for ten days. 4 at once and one new every second day. when she quit and came off the nest there were 2 deaders left.
So cool goosedragon! I can't watch her go another 2-4 days here in this 94 degree heat trying to hatch them, she's been through so much already.

She decided a while ago to stop. I think she spent about 2 hours off nest and I said "that's it!" and went and got em and put em in the 99 degree incu. It's a still one that's all they had and I filled rings with water - regulating at 99 and put them in with the air-cell up. Candelled and found air pockets in all and they didn't stink so....

Wonder if I turn them or not? They definitely look lie they could go any minute on the candeling. She started the hatch 5 days ago so.... I dunno.

Hope they didn't get too cool when she ditched the nest before I got there - it's 90 outside so.....
I wouldn't worry about them getting too cool today in that heat while she was off the nest. I had the same situation as goosedragon with hatching. I thought for sure mine were done after the first three or four hatched but they kept hatching out for around 10 or so days. I let them sit another 4 days after the last one hatched and then decided to check and the remaining four were duds. I have never had any hatchings go that many days to get them all hatched before. Good luck with your remaining goslings
Awesome - thanks!

Yep - they went in the incubator this afternoon - wasn't prepared but regulated heat quicklky and filled lower tray full w/ water - it is stabilized at 99.5 or so degrees (don't trust accuracy of thermomoeter which is sitting on top of eggs).

I candled and put the eggs with the aircell up like it said.

I think this is the last 3 days but I noticed goose was turning them all the way to the end...... Hmmmmm......

Turn or no turn?

Cool down during the day for 5 mins or not?

Get excited or not..... LOL!
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