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Sep 15, 2014
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This is all new to us and I am attaching pics of some eggs we have that I dont know if they are good or bad. We have had them in the incubator for 6 days, temp about 101 degrees and the channels have water. Can someone tell me if these eggs are good or ?
They are a mix dark brown eggs, light brown, and blueish green. So afraid they are no good and my daughter will be heart broken if they don't hatch


Hi I would candle the other way. Have your fat end of the egg on the light. By doing this you will be able to see what the air sacs are like. Although at day 6 they won't be very big but should still be visible. By now on day 6 you should be able to see some red veining inside the egg. But if you don't all is not lost as some eggs don't show till later on in development. Candling again on day10 should show something. Good luck :fl Also this link has great pics of what your egg should be like when candling.
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Thank you for the hope Yorkshire Coop. I thought you were not supose to turn them upside down. We will look later tonight when everyone is home. Maybe three sets of eyes will help.

Crossing fingers and toes
If you don't do it for too long they should be ok. I'm the same don't like turning them over so I got a Brinsea ova view candler which I can hold the egg upright but put the candler on top to see the air sac here's a pic of my recent candling. There not that good my son is no David Bailey!!!
Don't be too bummed about it. I hatch polish so the eggs are white and are easily candled. You may see more when you candle again from the other end :hugs
I agree candle from the other end. It won't hurt to flip them over, you should see how a broody flips her eggs LOL! I think the top one will have some veining if you flip it!
Sorry to say it but they look like clears to me I can't see any veining or a small black lump that would indicate a growing embryo. If you spin them round does the yolk move? If it does I'm afraid they are clear. There could be many reasons why. Parent bird age and nutrition. How old the eggs are. What your temps are like in the incubator. Don't be too down about it though there is always the next batch :hugs
I just told my neighbor and she says that she will have more Sunday for me to pick up. She is going to leave them under the hen. Do you have any suggestions? Dry incubate? temp?

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