Day 7 candling question


6 Years
Sep 17, 2014
I have 22 silkie eggs incubating. 3 looked like there was no development at all, the yolk looked like a yolk and floated around as I rotated the egg to check it from all sides. Is it possible these will develop? Or should I just take them out? 9 were very obviously developing nicely, with the veining and the eye and embryo being clearly visible. The rest however.... half the egg was completely dark with the other half being possibly clear? It was hard to tell because all my eggs range in colors of brown from very light to very dark. And by a completely dark half I mean I couldn't see through it at all. When rotating the egg the dark half didn't move at all. It stayed exactly where it was. I didn't see a blood ring or anything alarming. Just half the egg was a dark mass. Is this the yolk developing? Or did something go wrong and that's why I can't see through it like I can with all the others? I'm going to leave them be and candle again in a few days or so to double check but I thought maybe someone else knew something about this or had it happen to them? this is my first time incubating and I'm nervous
Up to you. I'm not good at candling. My eggs are too dark so unless I have a leaker or stinker I leave them in. I've opened 2 eggs on day 25 before thinking they were done only to kill an embryo that was about to hatch. This link has some good candling pics on for you to compare your eggs against. The ones with yolk moving I would say are duds. The ones you say don't move and looks dark should be ok. Sometimes eggs don't show development till later on in incubation so would not throw any away yet. I don't throw any away until day 14. I only candle day 7, 14, 18. Incubating is both nerve racking and exciting all rolled into one so try not to be nervous and enjoy your eggs it really is worth it when you see your chicks in the brooder. Wishing you the very best of luck with your eggs :frow

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