Day 8! and I need some advice please:)

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    Ok so i have 23 eggs in a LG incubator and I candled them yesterday:fl and about 12 were alive and the rest clear and infertile [​IMG] (dont really noe how that happend since i have a rooster) but what really sucked was that the couple of brown LH eggs I ordered came out clear [​IMG]. So in the bator I have a digital thermometer/hydrometer and on the side of the little screen it has the memory of the lowest and highest temps and humidity. I looked at it today and the temp memry had a low of 95 and high of 100, the humidity, 36% to 61% [​IMG]. The humidty I can fix but I dont know why the temps changing This hasent happend befor, it might be because I turn the fan on some times but I rearly ever do, I also have it pluged into a power strip maybe that could be it?I mean its not in a really drafty place, its in my room in one of those big cuboards where ppl usualy put TVs.When I candled the eggs the embryos all looked good but its only day 8 so thers 2 more weeks for things to happen. Now Ive been hearing all this stuff about eggs exploding! [​IMG] is it true, and should I worry about it? Why has it never happend under any of my broodies?

    This is my second time using the incubator and Im soo confused.
    last time I got about 50 percent hatch, hopefully this time will be better [​IMG] somehow [​IMG] (12 good out of 23)
    would appreciate any advice thanks.[​IMG]
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    if you candle the eggs and they are clear compared to the others , there is no question about ityoou should discard them, they may or may not explode , but they can certanly produce bacteria and kill your other live embrios

    plus they can make a bad odor..even if they dont explode.
  3. The Chickeneer

    The Chickeneer ~A Morning's Crow~

    Thanks for the info really appreciate it [​IMG] I just took out the duds. But I was actualy wondering that if any embreyos died along the way, if those eggs might explode [​IMG]
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    Yes,I suggest that if at 2 weeks you still have eggs with chicks in them smaller than a nickel, I would dispose of them. I had on blow up one time, and it was two wekks old, and i could say died around 10 days-It was very unpleasant. I have a weak stomach, so......... I was not a happy camper cleaning that thing out. I am also sorry to say, normally when you order eggs, about half of them will not germinate because of temp, shipping, shaking, handling and all of that stuff. I on the other hand, if i want a certain breed of chicks (I have some on my mind right now but in the process of getting a breeding pair) I will buy a breeding pair and put them in my rabbit hutch for about 2 weeks, get all the eggs i want to incubate, and put the hen in my regular chicken coop and sometimes get rid of the roo. Right now, I have incubated my second batch of chicks, with 9 different hens and an Americauna hen. So, I have a lot of mutts, and Don't plan on Breeding any more Americauna hybrids. I might just get myself a different Rooster, I don't know. I change like the wind! [​IMG]
  5. The Chickeneer

    The Chickeneer ~A Morning's Crow~

    Ok thanks for all the advice [​IMG] I think buying a breeding pair is actualy a really good idea good idea. Ill make sure to candle regularly to dispose of any potential stink bombs [​IMG] [​IMG]. Good luck with waht your doing [​IMG] thanks.
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    My roosters aren't mating with the heat. They are on strike until the weather cools down a bit.

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