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Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by Baymule, Oct 28, 2011.

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    Jul 1, 2010
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    I am off today and have no special agenda except to do as much as nothing as possible. It feels pretty darn good. I run 100MPH on a normal day with bursts of speed that break the sound barrier. To have a day off all by myself is an unimaginable luxury. It is 1:15 pm and I am still in my PJ's and lounging around like a slug. I have exhausted my internet prowling and dumped unwanted emails. I made the hens some cornmeal mush laced with cayenne pepper that oughta shock the worms into passing right out of the ol' poot chute. I have a pot of beef soup bones bubbling on the stove that I will turn into a hearty stew. It is front leg bones cut in slices with a llittle meat on them and it smells so good! The dogs are playing and growling with their best bad dog imitations, it makes me wonder if they are showing off, or if they really do have moments during the day from which they awake from their comotose state.

    We finally got a nice rain last night, but not enough to break the drought. A nice cool front has arrived with a high of 65 degrees today and a low of 40. After 2 months of 100 degree++++ all summer, this is a blessed event. It will make the stew taste even better. Argh, I am gonna have to get dressed and go feed the horses. While I'm out, I'll stop at the grocery store for potatoes for the stew. It is a treat to cook a meal that takes longer than 30 minutes to throw together. I'll have to make a skillet of cornbread to go with it.

    Grumble, gripe, she gets dressed and goes out the door.............
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    Dec 22, 2010
    Good for you! We all need a break sometime! [​IMG]
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    I would be going to the store in my PJ's!! As long as they were some what decent [​IMG]

    Enjoy your lazy day and your stew! It sounds so good!

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