Day old chick not moving

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6 Years
Aug 22, 2013
Hi we just recieved our first baby chicks and one of them is not moving. The other three aredoing great and show no signs of anything being wrong with them. We ordered them from a hatchery and just received them in the mail today. The one that isn't moving just opened both eyes but cannot stand or move at all. They are a day old and are all supposidly hens. Please help
Do her legs look normal? It is possible that she will need splints on her legs to stand. The issue is called spatter leg or something. Effectively, the little chicks legs collapse under their own weight. Searching into disease and emergency forum should yield a better answer. In the mean time, provide the chick with food, water and warmth. I doubt the chicken is shocked, but who knows, maybe the ride over was traumatizing for the bird. Hope the chick perks up soon!
Since they are all so young, I think the one chick was either too weak to survive, or stressed in transport. You can try dipping her beak in a tsp of water and see if she drinks. Watch out for the nostrils.
We've been using a syringe to put water droplets on her beak and then she drinks it.
But she like snaps in to the real world and then her head falls and she's out of it like every 10 seconds. She usually just sits like this.

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