DD has to have another emergency surgery

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    She just celebrated her 21st birthday with a few more ER trips for a new health issue. Some of you may know from other posts that she's been in and out of the hospital with kidney issues and an emergency surgery to bridge it in order to save it, and a week long hospital stay due to that and the resulting blood infection from the initial kidney failure. She's continued to have kidney bouts and ER trips for it ever since being released from the hospital.

    Now there's a new concern. She's been in and out of the ER for the last couple of days now after cysts ruptured, and has to have surgery to scrape her body cavity and organs and remove the fluids. Some tests have been precancerous for a couple of years, and now they are concerned about these fluids happening with a newly very enlarged ovary.

    Her great-great grandma passed away from ovarian cancer, and we just lost my aunt last week, and she's watched me going through 3 different cancers and the resulting fallout, and she's scared of it all, and I am scared for her...(and my 2nd to the worst fear about her is that I won't be around in the future during her health issues when she needs me. Right now I have some stuff going on so it's hard for me to get around even to go to the hospital [​IMG].)

    At the 2nd ER trip they said she needed surgery right then and they made arrangements for her transfer to another hospital that could do it, but there was an insurance snag so it didn't happen. The emergency surgery is now scheduled for this week.

    She's been through so much lately and her little body is just worn down. For those of you that pray, any prayers will be greatly coveted [​IMG]...it's very comforting to her to know that others are praying for her. It's comforting to me, also.
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    [​IMG] and prayers. You know that I understand. [​IMG]
  3. dewey

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    Yes, Sourland...and thank you. [​IMG]
  4. sfw2

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    I'm so sorry, Dewey. Your daughter and you are in my prayers. [​IMG]
  5. KristyHall

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    I'm sorry you and your daughter are going through all this. Best wishes for a swift recovery. [​IMG]
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    Dewey, prayers are going up for your beautiful daughter's full and speedy recovery and for you to also recover from your ailments so that you can be here to enjoy your daughter.
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    I am sure she is scared about cancer and at her age and the area she's having problems with possibly going through life childless probably scares her too. I had a co-worker who's sister had a complete hysterectomy at 16 due to the situation she was in. prayers for you and your DD.
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    Thank you so very much for your prayers and kind thoughts. Yes, she is scared of all of that, and of surgeries and of being put under. The last time she had surgery they gave her meds she was allergic to and she had an allergic reaction just moments from being put under. The docs said they'll do they can to not have to do a hysto but that they're not sure what they'll find. In good humor and trying to lighten the situation, she told me "don't worry mamma I can always adopt a child or just find one nobody wants on the street like I do with my puppies" [​IMG]...

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    I do. Ot know you or your story, but I do know we are called to pray and interceed for thiose who need it. I'm so sorry your family is gong through this, I'm going to pray now and interceed for your daughter and you and the family. Stay clear of anything that is not organic, Gmo foods are changing our cells and are a major cancer starter. You would not put roundup on your cereal in the morning, why eat the fruits and veggies and all the garbage the government says is safe ! Organic is the only way to know your not Gmo filled. I'm off here to pray now, !
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    oh wow, I"m so sorry you are going threw this. Prayers for you a your daughter, What a hard time. Hugs

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