DD leaking amniotic fluid, need prayers

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    May 31, 2008
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    DD is 31 weeks today and was admitted yesterday with leaking amniotic fluid. Its just a little bit but then she stated having contractions showing up on the monitor. They did an ultrasound to check the level and its fine. But her fern test was positive. They will run another one in the morning. They may end up doing an amnio and injecting her with dye to see if she is really leaking amniotic fluid or if its something else. The baby weights about 3.4 pounds right now so we really need him to bake a few more weeks. She has had a really tough last few weeks. If you dont mind saying a few prayers, we would really appriciate them.
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    Of course I'll pray. I don't mean to second guess her doctor, why inject dye? If they've tested the leakage and it's positive for ferning/amniotic fluid, why go farther to confirm what you already know?

    I know someone who was leaking and in the hospital (head down, feet up) for almost two months before she delivered her healthy DD. I don't wish that on your DD, but I say it to give her hope, she can go a long time with a small leak and being closely watched for infection.

    Prayers coming.
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    Praying now!
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    prayers said.
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    I dont know why they want to do the amnio dye. Seems like a waste and taking a risk for the baby. She had no pooling and the fern was the only thing that shows amniotic fluid. The midwife on call last night and the chief nurse didnt think it was though. They are slightly confussed. Maybe somebody different can give us a more accurate diagnosis today. They said they would like her to last till at least 34 weeks. So thats another 3 weeks.
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    Prayers said [​IMG]
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    The just got the results from some protein test they did about 2 hours ago and it was negative. For what Im not sure but she said it was a good thing? If the ultrasound in the AM looks good, she will be able to go home. Thanks for all the prayers and well wishes!

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