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    If the rooster is roosting....is the hen henning? [​IMG]
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    Jul 17, 2009

    But now I am going to have to look up the etomolgy (spelling?) of "rooster", darn her!


    1772, from roost (earlier roost cock, 1606), in sense of "the roosting bird," favored in the U.S. as a puritan alternative to cock (and compare roach).


    O.E. hen, from W.Gmc. *khannjo (cf. M.Du. henne, O.H.G. henna), fem. of *khan(e)ni "male fowl, cock" (cf. O.E. hana "cock"), lit. "bird who sings for sunrise," from PIE base *kan- "to sing" (see chant). The original masc. word survives in Ger. (Hahn "cock"), Swed., Dan., etc.; extension to "female of any bird species" is early 14c. in English. Hen as slang for "woman" dates from 1620s; hence hen party "gathering of women," first recorded 1887. Henpecked is from 1680.

    There, I have wasted your time [​IMG]
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  3. Camelot Farms

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    Oooh. I am so glad you did that, saves me from doing it. She is one of those children who doesnt let a thing go so now when she asks me about it again, I can appear all smart and stuff... [​IMG]

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