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    Sorry to post this question.... I know it has been addressed, but I cannot find the posts!!

    I know to use food grade DE.... and I plan to sprinkle it on my pine shavings in the coop and do the deep litter
    method (I think I will like it... but everything is new and experitmental for us!). I recall someone stating that some form
    or lime was as effective against flies, mites, odor and dampness.... and cheaper... but what type of lime? Is it really as effective
    as the DE?
    Thanks, and is there a really good, (thorough) way to search the forum for topics?? Like a word search feature? ~Ally

    As always, feel free to watch our chicken brooder-cam! I am still unsure about the sex of my babies.... so any opinions are welcome!!
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    Barn lime - dries up the wetness, I also use it in the goat run; however, it does not really prevent anything as in flies or m ites. Just dries up the area so that it make it not so nice for them to breed in.
    $3 for a 50# bag at TSC
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    Go with either coarse sand or pine chips for the litter, not lime. Sand is cheap, allows moisture to pass thru, provides grit, cleans like kitty litter, and allows the birds to dust bathe. Chips do insulate, but gather moisture moisture, are prone to mold if you are in a damp enviroment and require a complete change out when it's dirty generating a lot of material to dispose of. Both litters allow you to sprinkle in sevin or DE as needed for insect / mite control. If moisture is a issue in your area, look into a product called StallDry, a little sprinkled in the litter will keep the chips much dryer. The key to birds staying healthy and the coop not stinking is keeping the litter dry so the poo dries out. Either method is good litter but ventilation is the critical to clearing the ammonia fumes out and the birds comfortable. Also be sure if you have a wooden floor, to seal it with paint or cover it with vinyl flooring to keep moisture and poo from absorbing into the wood
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    but what type of lime?

    "Ag lime" or pelletized lime (Calcium Carbonate)

    NOT "hydrated lime" (Calcium Hydroxide)​
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