DE vs. Sweet PDZ??


10 Years
May 22, 2009
Newbie here. Getting my girls today!!

Anyway, I bought Sweet PDZ because I couldn't find DE anywhere. I sprinkled it on the bottom of the coop under the bedding and on the ground in the run. Now I'm re-thinking - would it be better to just use DE because of it's pesticide properties? Can Sweet PDZ be used interchangably with DE? I'm guessing I can't mix PDZ into their food or dust them with it like I could DE. Is this right??

Thanks for all the help!!
PDZ absorbs ammonia odors. DE dries out bedding and kills bugs plus you can put Food Grade DE in the feed itself. They so some things the same, but DE is more versatile. PDZ does not kill bugs, at least not that I'm aware of.
You can't use anything for all the things DE is good for, but you can use the Sweet PDZ (zeolite) for ammonia buildup and regular poultry dust or 5% Sevin dust for mites/lice. Orange Guard sold by ACE is a natural pesticide and smells wonderful-you can spray that in all crevices and nests (after you clean out all the bedding).
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