Dead by my own hand!!!


9 Years
Apr 23, 2010
Yadkinville NC-3yrs
a few days ago a dog attacked my polish teenager, her hip was dislocated and she was scratched up but I worked on her and she was doing great , I thought.
This morning when I checked on her her eyes were a white gooey mass, just the sockets left and she was gasping for air. I put her out of her misery, I took a few minutes the longest minutes I could imagine, and it broke my heart.

This afternoon while working to fix a new coop for my girls, one of the babies had gotten out of the play pen I fashioned for them and came to see what I was doing, I didn't know she was there and stepped on her. She was eviscerated. I thought I was making things safer for them and i've killed 2 of them in one day!!!

I am a strong woman but not sure if I am strong enough to do that again.
Be careful with your precious babies and I hope you never HAVE TO GO THROUGH THAT.
So sorry this happened to you.
sorry about your polish! It is better for the animal, but harder for the person

as for your chick, I set a big waterer down on one as a tiny chick once, it was horrible and I felt guilty about it for a long time so I completely understand how you feel! You are not alone there
I stepped on a chicken once, I also dropped a egg while candling it, and saw the 17 day old chick move. I was guilty for days, plus cried everytime I looked at the incubator. It will get better, and you'll fell better too! Sorry for your losses
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