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7 Years
Nov 2, 2012
Hello I was raising chicks, but the female chick died yesterday. Maybe because she was so cold. Now I felt that rest chicks need more interest from me.
I'm sorry to hear about your loss. What is your brooder set-up like? What are they eating etc?
I read your other posts and you seem to be a little lost with your chicks please no offense meant. They should be in a brooder type set up free from drafts with a heat lamp to keep them warm, 95 the first week and then raise the lamp up a few inches each week to decrease the brooder temp by 5 degrees each time. The heat lamp can be taken off of them at around 6 weeks ish when they are fully feathered out. For feed as a chick they should be getting a chick starter crumble it comes in medicated and non medicated(for prevention of coccidiosis) chick starter should be there main source of feed . Along with the chick starter you can start to offer treats at 2 weeks of age and then you will also need to give them chick grit sold at feed stores its a cruched stone/granite and it is used to help them break down the foods in their crops. you can offer the grit on the side ina small dish or sprinkle it on there food. Also make sure they have access fresh water daily. Here is a list of some acceptable treats

If you have any more questions Backyard Chickens is a great source of information. There is an advance search bar at the top of the page to help you look for specific things or post questions a lot people on here love to answer questions and help if they can.

Sorry to hear that the chick passed and good luck with the other.
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I'm putting their house on a flooring heater. Now my chick is warm enough for winter.

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