Dead chicken walking

Oh my! Did the entire tounge come out? Sound aweful! Is it in pain? If so I would put it out of it's misery. If not suffering, I'd wait and see, Maybe call a vet that deals with chickens.
Ok here is what happened,
I have all my hanging feeders hanging with a heavy duty string well on one of them there was excess hanging down the hens enjoyed playing with the loose string, well I went out today and the EE looked like he had the string in his mouth, sure enough not only did he have it in his mouth but somehow it was tied in a knot around his tongue when he jumped out of the nest he was hanging by his tongue so I picked him up looked at it and thought I can cut that off with scissors. so I set him back in the nest go back in the house and get scissors, then I get close to him he lunges out of the nest the string gets tight and then rip right out it comes.
Ooooh, that sounds pretty bad. I really think culling is the kindest thing. If he's a complete favorite, is able to eat/drink and isn't in agonizing pain I suppose there is an argument for waiting, but.....

It's crazy the stuff they do sometimes, worse then a room full of two year olds!

Sorry you're having to deal with this, for sure not my favorite part of chicken wrangling.

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