Dead Hen--Intestines Hanging Out --Large Hole


10 Years
Jun 24, 2009
Hey Folks I need some help here. I have 7 hens together, been living together for quite a while. They all get along well. This morning there were 7 eggs, yesterday the same. No one appeared or looked to be eggbound.

When I came home from work tonight, my one hen was dead--intestines strewn outside her body. Below her vent where she lays eggs, about 3 inches, was a gaping hole with her intestines hangining out. No other injuries or marks.

She passed an egg this morning... what happened??? I thought chickens only had one opening... This hole was about 3 inches below her egg vent, and spread open... lots of long intestines hanging.

What happened? No other markings on any other hens. She was born in January.

Prolapse...egg impactation for sure. Sorry!
My thought is that she had a prolapse and then was cannibalized by her coop mates. Chickens will pick at anything unusual, especially if it's red in color. They are probably what ripped her apart. Sorry for your loss.
Thank you so much... It truly means a lot when I receive kind words... This is my first experience with prolapse, and it has been a grueling one. The cannabalism really got me, all those intestines, the pain she must have felt.

I sell my eggs to a local organic store--and the chickens provide a tiny income. But more than that, my chickens are my friends.

I am responsible for their health and well being; it is what I signed up for.

I pray I won't have to deal with this horror again anytime soon.

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