Dead Hen


Mar 17, 2016
Greenwood, Arkansas
One of my hens died today! She was fine yesterday, haven't noticed anything odd or any unusual behavior. My birds are all healthy, so I thought. Graphic and awful details ahead! When I picked her up i noticed her vent was wide open, I don't know if that's normal when they die because the muscles relax? It was really weird looking, there was poop everywhere around it and it was just loosely open. I looked inside because I thought maybe something, like a rat, had gone in there.... I don't know! But there was an egg in there. All the way formed and ready to come out. I just thought it was weird. I've had losses before and never seen that! Any thoughts? What can I do now to make sure everyone is healthy? It has been incredibly hot here, but it's raining now so yay! And why was her cent wide open? She wasn't in or near the nesting box, she was out in the middle of the coop.
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