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    I had purchased two 20 wk old hens, an EE & a Maran, about a month ago. This issue started two weeks ago when the temperatures started to drop. I went to let the girls out (all 9) one morning and after not seeing my beloved Peepers (D'Uccle) I returned to the coop to investigate. I peeked inside to find her laying in the corner dead :( then as I looked or any cause I spotted my new(er) Maran dead in the opposite corner! My mother in law... Who has raised chickens since she was little... Said maybe they got smothered if they were cold and at the bottom of the pile. I went on hoping it wouldn't happen to any more! I was slowly starting to think maybe it wasn't a disease after all... I knew the woman I purchased these other hens off of and she had a very healthy flock! Then, last night, my husband went out to close them in and saw two of my Buff laced Polish hens sleeping under the coop. He picked them up and placed them inside. This morning I woke up and they were laying together... Side by side... Dead, in the corner of the coop. I am now down to 5 :(
    No blood, no feathers, nothing! I do know my girls like to huddle together... Even in the Summer. Do I rule out disease? Could they be huddling and accidentally be getting smothered? I don't know what to do! I feel like they're warm enough at night. It was 40 out last night. Help!
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    The first link has diagnosis charts at bottom...I am just mentioning it since it mentions that "dead birds- no sign of disease" could be fowl cholera.

    I have never dealt with it and I don't know what the diagnosis is but thought you might want to see the links.

    I am sorry for your losses.

    Of course it could be something else...mites/lice and worms also kill hens. They simply drop dead and it is so I would consider those as well.
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