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May 7, 2019

I've had a problem over the past week to 10 days of finding dead ducks inside their coop.
Was pretty sure it was a raccoon but have been unable to catch it in a live trap despite using different baits.
So last night I caught up the last 8 hens & drakes. Separated them and placed 2 drakes, ( a Peking & a blue Swedish) in a sperate coop. Coop is totally enclosed with plywood including the exterior wall & door. When I let the drakes out the Pekings neck & rear is torn up, while alive, he will need to be processed. The blue Swedish was dead with rear end eaten.
There was 2 other drakes & 3 roosters in pen with no injuries.
The uninjured fowl have been in this coop for several weeks without problems.
Rebaited traps with sardines (just about the only thing I hadn't tried) did catch my outside garage elderly cat. However she is on the thin side so doubt she is the killer especially since the coop is completely enclosed including the ceiling except for 1 small lift door on outside wall.

Any ideas or suggestions. Could the roosters or other drakes have attacked them?
Could the roosters or other drakes have attacked them?
Hopefully some duck people will weigh in on the situation for you. To me 4 drakes and 3 roosters cooped up together sounds like a recipe for disaster, especially with two of them being intruders.

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