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    Dec 2, 2008
    So i bought 4 pekin ducklings for my sister to show at our fair this summer. I bought them on Wed. I also bought 2 chicks to keep my turkey poult company. I put the 4 ducklings in with my 3 goslings that i had hatched out the day before. They seemed fine. On friday they started to die. by saturday night all 4 had died. My goslings were unaffected by whatever it was. they are healthy, drinking, eating and just all around fine. Im not sure why all the ducklings died. they had normal chick starter, water and a heat lamp. I would like to know what they died from tho. Should i talk to the people at tsc to see if they have had any similar cases? the symptoms of the ducklings were that they stumbled around, they could barely walk, wouldnt open their eyes all the way (their eyes just didnt look right), they couldnt keep their heads steady, they quietly peeped alot, they died on their backs, and their bills turned a black color after they had died...anyone know what could have happened to them?
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    have you posted in the duck thread? It probably wouldn't hurt to talk to those at TS but if they would admit to any more deaths is questionable. I am so sorry for your loss. I would buy from a breeder next time..

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