Dealing with chicken's dry skin


15 Years
Mar 12, 2009
I hope this the right place to post this question. The weather has turned and my hens are getting dry skin. They just went to the vet yesterday and had a complete look over. I am postitive they have no mites, lice, worms or disease just dry skin. It seems like the dry skin has made them slightly itchy. So, I want to give them some relief. I would like to put at least something on their combs and wattles.

Would shea butter, coconut oil or some other natural moisturizer work? Is their something I can add to their diet? They are already eating a balanced layer feed and a mix of sunflower seeds, flax seeds, sesame seeds and grains.

I just picked something up at our farm supply store today. It's called "VetRx" a Poultry Remedy. Here's what the box says.. "For more than 100 years, the proven VetRx formula has been used as a remedy in veterinary applications. Many poultry breeders and raisers report excellent results in preventing colds in flocks, Roup, Scaly Legs, Eye Worm, etc." It also is recommended by Henry Fichtner of the American Bantam Assoc... he says "The one area omitted is dressing the comb, face, wattles, shanks & toes. After applying this mixture to comb and wattles, it brought a natural luster to the face, comb and wattles and held the sheen for days after treatment stopped." Much more info is inside the box. This stuff sounds great!!
They also recommend it for use in a vaporizer for birds with "colds". Not sure if it's available online or not. I paid $12 for it at our store. Good luck.
I have asked on other threads and searched other sites for all chicken related skim and even respiratory issues that can affect skin...It is only the five Ayam Cemani I received from another woman and it seemed like malnutrition at first, but even with their feathers growing thicker in many places, they still have major bald spots on their backs/under their wings. They have toys and a roosting bar in the brooder as well as being taken out, so theyre not bored and feather picking(which was suggested, but I got them ant one and two weeks old), they have normal chick started with quite a bit of treats like mealworms and soldier worms just to give extra protein to help with the skin and feathers, and there are most definitely no mites or lice...That was the first thing I checked for when I got them. I'm just very confused...I will try to take a picture this evening and get some coconut oil on them after to see if it helps

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