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    Apr 7, 2014
    Does anyone know if he is still breeding poultry?

    The missouri poultry yearbook showed he had the following breeds:
    [COLOR=rgb(13.725000%, 12.157000%, 12.549000%)]Large Fowl: Black Crevecoeur; Black LaFleche; Blue LaFleche;
    Splash LaFleche
    Bantams: Buff Catalana; Black LaFleche; Black Mottled LaFleche; Blue LaFleche; Blue Dunn LaFleche; Blue Mottled LaFleche; Brown Red LaFleche; Buff LaFleche; Dunn LaFleche; Fawn LaFleche; White LaFleche; Barred Naked Neck; Black Naked Neck; Buff Naked Neck; Red Naked Neck; Rose Comb Nankin; Single Comb Nankin; Black Breasted Red Old English Game; Mille Fleur Old English Game;
    Self Blue Old English Game; Barred Plymouth Rock
    Turkeys: Black [/COLOR]

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