death in flock


5 Years
Mar 23, 2014
This year I decided to do only 2 ducklings. They are about 5 weeks(starting to get feathers on wings) . We had them moved outside to their own pen and last night something managed to bend the wire. Sparing the gories, we are down to one duckling. I am wondering how I should proceed from here? Do I put it back in the pen by itself or should I try to introduce to the rest of the birds(2ducks and 3 chickens). In the pen they were able to be seen by the others. I even let them out together and they were ok but I am a little worried about the drake since he sits kinda far off. It is so heart wrenching to hear it peeping for the other
I put the duckling out in the pen with the others. it seems to ha've quieted it down but the others are afraid of it.
It probably is best to integrate it in with your other birds as soon as possible since it's now alone, just watch everything carefully since it is still young and smaller than everyone else. I would still keep the duckling separate from the others at night just since you won't be around to monitor. Also, if you'll be gone for many hours I'd also keep it separated for now. When you're home and can check on them frequently, it'd probably be ok to have them out together.

Better the others being afraid of it than them all attacking the duckling. ;) But still, keep a close eye because things can change quickly. Hopefully it'll be a smooth transition for you and your little one.

So sorry about the loss of your other duckling. :(

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