Debeaked pullets from Meyer Hatcherey


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Jul 10, 2010
We have had a rash of losses over the past few weeks from the local coyotes. Was looking to pick up some started pullets from Meyer to replenish the flock. Does anyone have any experience with the started pullets that Meyer sells? How severe is their beak trimming? Could anyone post a photo or two for us to see. Our ladies usually free range for 4-6 hrs a day. Will this hamper them when out grazing? Thanks for any future responses. Should likely say this also, yes the ladies will be locked up for a few weeks or until Wiley is dispatched. And also will say have looked around locally and found nothing to be had right now! Meyer is only about 2.5 hrs from us. Thanks again.
Not at the age we are looking for. All of their older birds come with "trimmed beaks". We always purchase our chicks from them but never any older ones.
I have a debeaked hen...not sure if it's from hatchery. She doesn't seem to have any trouble, but I feel bad for her (although she is my biggest offender when it comes to feather plucking...she can do damage so I'm not sure why hatcheries think this helps). I'm not sure about craigslist in your area, but there are constant posts here in MA from people selling established flocks. Personally I would check there before buying a flock of debeaked girls.
ideal hatchery is where i would buy them
All I can offer is that the difference between debeaked and trimmed is this: A debeaked chicken has had it's beak cut back into the "quick" and will never be able to grow a full beak. A trimmed beak is only shortened a bit, like a toenail. This chicken will grow it's full beak back.

I've never gotten any chickens from Meyer.

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