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    Ok, I'm fairly new to chicken raising. I recently bought a speckled Sussex hen at an auction that was debeaked. I was told that she needs to be fed in a trough because they have a hard time eating off the ground. What is the purpose of this? It's seems a little harsh to me. I called her kisses because she looks like she's puckered up. Any suggestions appreciated.

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    they do this because the hens were kept in a crowded cage (IMHO) and the de-beaking stops pecking

    you will find this with ready to lay pullets

    I refuse to buy these at auction or from a breeder because I think its totally unnecessary
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    I think it's awful, but I felt so sorry for her I couldn't help myself. Is there anything I can do to make feeding easier for her? Thank You for the info!
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    Like was suggested, make sure feed is plenty deep (at least 2" should be fine), fed in something like a bowl rather than the more shallow feeders...and I would think elevated to back height. She'll have to kind of spoon her food in rather than pick pieces up. It's similar to how cross beaks would be fed. And just keep an eye on her to make sure she is able to eat well... Water should be deeper too, and elevated.
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    Could you post pics of the pretty girl?
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    I have an adoptee from the SPCA that had a debeaking gone bad, and it is the worst think i can think of to happen to a chicken. Mine gets by just fine most of the time, but I do just always make sure the food dish is a little deeper, i only use one of the livestock rubber bowl types. She can not eat the pellets, only the crumbles. She is always picking at the food. It takes her a little longer to get it. The only real assistance MayMay really needs is when i am giving treats like peanuts, cabbage, lettuce, or stuff, I just hold her piece while the other 'dirty dozen' scrambles for it on the ground. She picks grass just fine, gets bugs mostly ok. (I hold worms for her if she finds one). Other than that, it's really not a biggy except that I feel sorry for her. (she is such a happy good girl. [​IMG] )

    here's MayMay!!!


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    I think that is cruel and unnessesary. I have a hen that has pecking problems and eye problems, and she rarely gets a treat because she can't pick it up. I feel very sorry for any chicken that has problems like that, and I can't imagine how hard life would be for a debeaked bird. MayMay is beautiful, though. [​IMG]
  9. i agree Syd. it is sooo not needed if the hens would just be raised and housed correctly.

    Michele, GO FO IT with your little girl! She can lead a great happy healthy life. Not much extra effort, just some getting used to it. I am sure there are a few of us out here that can give you any advise taht we know of from experience with them. You will just love her to death! and she will appreciat the fact that you are giving her a great rest of her life.
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    two of mine arelikethis,

    one beak looks like its growing backbut the other one is all mishappen IMO as it looks a little uneven and the poor thing struggles to pick up treats or food - she is thinner than the others too.

    its such a shame onthem as they cant even fight back when they picked on

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