Debunking (or confirming) the myths with hatching and raising chicks

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    Sep 12, 2012
    I'm LOVING this website here:

    This guy is actually performing experiments and reporting results that are either debunking or confirming myths associated with hatching, sexing, and raising chicks and chickens.

    Although I have to give conflicting results to his very first experiment - raising the humidity. I actually had the opposite happen to me when I switched to the dry-incubation method. I used to get about an even number of hens and roosters (if not more roosters) when doing the "normal" incubation with humidity at 50% the entire 3 weeks. But when I switched and started leaving them at a lower humidity, I suddenly got overrun with PULLETS! Granted, my hatch rate did increase from doing dry-incubation as well, but the gender results were the opposite of his.

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    That was fun to read.

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