Decrease in Eggs in February? Is this normal?


Jan 5, 2017
Westminster, Colorado
Hello! We have 4 hens, all less than a year old.

They have been laying pretty reliably since August. With the exception of our California White, who stopped for about 6 weeks when she was molting, there wasn't really a decrease in the fall when the days started to get shorter.

However, we've recently had a pretty dramatic drop in eggs. Like we went from about 3 eggs a day to 1, sometimes none. It seems our white has stopped completely again, along with one of our Australorps. They all are acting normal, and don't seem sick.

Is this normal for this time of year? It seems weird to me that they would slow down now, since the days are getting longer. Thanks!


Feb 16, 2016
If haven't changed anything about their environment and diet and they all seem healthy, I would think they are just having a break. You could try cooking them a small piece of fish for a protein boost, but other than that patience seems to be key when it comes to hens' laying cycles.
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