Deep Litter and Wood Pellet Stove question


9 Years
Feb 11, 2010
Long Island, NY
I know that some bedding is like the wood pellets for stoves but not as compressed. My question is, does anyone either burn that stuff or use wood stove pellets for bedding and then put it into a pellet stove? (after fishing out the poop, of course)

I don't have a pellet stove, but am thinking about getting one, especially if I can kill to birds with one stone
I have a pellet stove that we've used for many years. The main thing to know about them is that if you use anything other than the pellets, you run an extreme risk of messing up the stove. The pellets will expand and crumble when wet, even blowing up the plastic bag they come in, and probably make a nice bedding for chickens, but I would never try to use them again as fuel even if they never blew up. In fact, I have some pellets that were ruined by moisture that I intend to use for the coop, but then they'll go straight in the compost pile when the chickens are finished doing their business.

Putting the pellets in the coop straight from the bag seems less than useful to me, and a lot less chicken-friendly than the usual materials.
you wouldnt want to burn the pelletes after the chickens use them thats for sure.
and for the cost of a bag of pellets it would be cheaper to do shavings...

that being said i do reccoment pellet stoves for heat.
my parents home is over 2000 sqft now, a raised ranch, and all electric heat, they put a pellet stove on the upper level a few years back and the year following put one on the lower level. this past fall they took out the one downstairs and put a pellet insert, we LOVE them and never have to run the electric heat!
i reccomend Harman brand!

when i move out the spare pellet stove will likely come with me.
I use wood stove pellets in my rabbit's litter box, and when wet they turn to sawdust. While they might be okay as bedding for the chickens, I don't imagine you'd be able to save many once you cleaned out the coop. I don't think it's worth the effort.

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