Definatly a SCAM, what do you think?


11 Years
Jan 22, 2009
East Lake, NC

there's some magical device that can tell the sex of a chick while it's hatching

Just found it interesting and thought I'd share lol
there is actually a member of BYC who uses this method and swears by it. I think it sounds crazy but I have heard it works. I am almost inclined to try it, I am figuring you can do it with chicks that ytou already know the sex of (or maybe quail) to see if it is acurate.
I haven't bought one, but it is apparently a magnet on a string. You hold it over the chicks head and if it swings in a circle: it's one gender, if it swings side to side; it's the other.
The kids and I have done the magnet swinging over the chicks here as an experiment. Pretty darn accurate for us. We didn't buy anything though! Just stuck a piece of yarn between two small magnets and presto, you have a swinging device!

ETA: The guys at the feedstore swear by this when a customer wants to triple check that a chick is a pullet.
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