Definitely learning A LOT :)


8 Years
Apr 14, 2011
I have always been the one who wanted chickens and since I picked up those first chicks back on March 31, 2011 I have learned a lot. But it's not only ME who's learning ... because raising the chicks and having the chicken giving us eggs, the kids, hubby, and a few other relatives are all learning more about where their food comes from and how things work.

EX: My oldest son (11yrs) knows that eggs come from chickens, etc. But when we got our first egg he was MAD at me for taking it ... he said I was just going to kill the baby now. I took the time to explain to him that because there was no rooster that the egg would never have turned into a chick, just like the eggs at the store. Which then led to a discussion on where store eggs came from and why our are better. He wasn't all that interested in that discussion but at least it gives him something to think about. And now, both the younger kids know that our eggs don't have babies in them, they are just for eating.

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