Deformed/Broken Leg on Chick - poor thing is limping around. In pain? HELP!!! How do I fix? Can I sp

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Apr 28, 2011
Can I make a splint? Anyone have this happen? Did it get trampled? I wanna save the poor thing's leg.

Thanks for any help in this matter!
Sounds like you did the right thing. I've had to make a splint a couple times for crooked toes - never had a broken one, though. I hope your chick recovers and does well!

My guess is that Saturday night there's not as much activity on this website - so many posts don't get replies. I rarely look at the forum anymore anyway. This is the first time in weeks that I've glanced through the posts.

Good luck!
I made a splint. Not that anyone cares. Thank God for Google!
Hi Chickiemom,
Just saw this thread. How is your chick doing? Hum, if its metabolism in challenged by this injury, it may not be up-taking all the nutrition you are trying to get into it. That happens with neonates. Maybe go to Tractor Supply and get a bottle of Poultry Nutri-Drops. It is a top flite emergency nutritional supplement , meant for times just like now. For needy, sick, injured and stressed creatures of many species, they make a formula just for poultry. Made by Bovidr Labs, the genius in this product is not just the vitamins, minerals and mainlines straight into the bloodstream. Gets in via their tongue, mouth,, throat, and stomach. Does not need digesting. Have used it for over a decade in dogs and poultry. Just wonderful stuff. One can feed a creature all kinds of helps, but if it can't digest it, the added assistance doesn't end up helping the creature. Nutri-Drench circumvents that problem. Give one drop only by mouth. Put 4cc per gallon in the waterer for needy poultry. Put 2cc per gallon in the waterer for maintenance. My birds get it in their water, 4cc per gallon the 1st 2 weeks of life and 2cc per gallon the next 4 weeks of life. Here's their website:
I sure hope your chick is doing better by now!
Best Regards,
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So sorry to hear! I just now caught this, Hope the chick is getting better, I've seen a lot of people splint legs and the chicks turn out fine. (we did it once with a daschund too) Good luck little chick!!!
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