Deformed chick, what to do?


9 Years
Jun 17, 2010
So we have one chick that is 4 weeks old and has had a lower beak that started to migrate to the right at about 2 weeks, the beak is completely misaligned and I am not sure weather or not to dispense of the poor thing. It is much smaller than the others and I worry that as it gets larger it will starve to death - a fate worse than a quick end. This is what she looks like:

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I am sorry to hear about that...i had a friends chick that was like that, but it stopped getting worse and was still able to eat and that is a tough call....I hope the little thing is ok...if you want to POST a is how to do it
1. go to your "UPLOADS" page (the bar is at top of your page)
2. click on "browse" (left side) pick the picture that you want and hit Upload....
3. once uploaded you cant to copy the pic...there will be 2 types of links under your uploaded pic.
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you can then preview your post and the post it...G2G [IMG]

Best of luck and God Speed
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Because it's smaller than the others it may or may not have other problems. At the very least it appears to have eating problems. I would cull it for it's on sake.

I am sorry for your trouble. The books don't prepare you for this type of thing.

Well heck i guess you figured out pic posting while i was
I am sorry for your lil one....I would say it is prob best to put it down ... (that is a pretty bad case) and i would hate to see it suffer *hugs**
I'm afraid i agree in this case, that is a pretty severe cross beak -- but in the end you will have to choose, of course. As mentioned, there is a lot of info on here on crossbeak, if you want to read up on the kinds of problems you would face.
I agree with rancher hicks, the humane thing to do is to cull it now, its likely to suffer and eventually starve to death. However painful it might me to part with it now, think how painful it would be to watch it suffer. The pic you show is a pretty severe case of crossbeak. Sorry for the gloomy prognosis. Good Luck
I have since searched "cross beak" and found lots of info - thanks to all that posted so quickly. Mine seems to be a pretty bad case and I am afraid I will have to do the deed and spare her the inevitable.

Thanks everyone, this is a great community!

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