deformed chick

Country Living Farm

10 Years
Apr 18, 2009
Ok, out of 12 eggs, only one hatched. I got them from someone one the site. The eggs were good. Out of 12 8 were developing, but something happened and only 1 hatched?? Anyways, the one just hatched with a scissor beak and only one eye. Has anyone seen this and did yours live. The chicks are Cuckoo Maran so I guess I need to order more eggs. So if you are reading this and have Cuckoo Maran eggs, please let me know your price.

When I take it out of the bator I will up date with pictures
Sounds like you have incubator problems. consistently high temps will cause problems like yours. Get a reliable thermometer to check the temps next time. Please put it out of its misery and spare us the pictures.

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