Delaware hardiness??

Jan 23, 2010
Mountains of NC
The BYC Chicken Breeds Database states that Delawares are heat hardy and says nothing about cold hardy. Henderson's lists them as both heat and cold hardy. I don't want to make a mistake, we need cold hardy here in the mountains of North Carolina. Do any of you have them in cold climates?
You may want to check with Speckled Hen, Cynthia. She's a moderator on this site and does a great job raising her Delawares.
I have heritage Dels...same bloodline as speckledhens. My Dels have proven very cold hardy here in the Michigan thumb. My hens started laying in November and layed pretty consistently all winter. I think they would be absolutely fine in NC. Good luck!
I'm close to Asheville- got my Dels from Speckledhen, and they have been out romping whenever they could these last few weeks- seem to be fine with the cold. They are REALLY friendly, fun birds. They like to crowd around and be with you.
Yes, they are very cold hardy birds. You may have to put vaseline on the roosters combs in extremely frigid weather, but I've had no trouble with frostbite and I live in the mtns, too. If they do well in Michigan, as Michelle said, then they'd do well most anywhere.

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