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Jul 20, 2011
This little lady was sold to me as a Delaware chick, and is now about 9 weeks old. She is completely white and her legs look more orange to me than yellow. Is she a Delaware that as a fluke, is all white? Or is she a different breed? While we are at you think she is a she? She is part of my very first flock, so I would appreciate any help I could get. Thanks!



Doesn't appear to be a Delaware. Even the lighter marked ones usually have some markings on them. Post again in a couple weeks and we'll be able to tell you better. Do you see any black on her anywhere at all?
Thanks guys. I also had thought she may be a leghorn. I will post some more pictures in a few weeks.

Speckledhen, she does not have any black at all.

Not a Delaware. One of our members bred Dels for years (and the favorite of my backyard coop is a Delaware), and I've seen many of her chicks & even the ones with the crappiest faint markings had some markings, or at least the black tail-tip. I'd say Leghorn or maybe even a white Rock.

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