"Deleware" patterned rooster help


Aug 29, 2020
Las vegas, Nevada
So i have this young rooster who seems to have patterns of a deleware or light sussex, but his comb says otherwise. His feet are pinkish white and he has black dots under his hackle feathers. Hes also pretty big to.
younger picture of him, (4 months problably)
We hatched him from barn eggs, the comments are saying a mix even though he honestly looks like an actual breed of chicken. These guys also hatched from these eggs.View attachment 2429991View attachment 2429992View attachment 2429993View attachment 2429995View attachment 2429996
There’s a lot more to a purebred chicken than just color. He has many of the traits of a light Sussex- however, sussexes have single combs, not rose combs. He also looks very similar to a columbian wyandotte, but wyandottes have yellow legs, not pink ones.
The fact that he is mixed doesn’t make him inferior to purebred chickens. You won’t be able to show him, but you wouldn’t do well in shows with a purebred chicken unless they were a top-of-the-line show quality bird. Many on here, including me, prefer mixes over purebred chickens.
You appear to have a nice collection of mixes, including wyandotte mixes, sussex mixes, and a Rhode Island Red mix.

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