Demon chicken from Wal-Mart. What should I do?


9 Years
May 3, 2010
We have had chickens for about 3 years but took a year and a half off because we moved. We started with Buff Orpington chicks. We NEVER had any problems with them. We bought them as chicks from a feed store sometime around Easter.
We moved this summer (back home) and recently got 6 Golden Comet pullets from an auction. They said they were 24 weeks old. Well.... we learned our lesson because shortly after we got home we realized they had sticky beaks and one had a bubbly eye. I went to our feed store and they gave me powder antibiotics to put in their water. I did this for 14 days (because after 7 days they were still sick) After that treatment, they are all well except the one with the bubbly eye. It is now crusty and her upper beak looks really swollen and pink. I am not sure what to do. We also lost one of the 6, so today we had 5. Until.....

We went to Walmart!!! At our Walmart we have a non-fenced retention pond where Geese, ducks, turtles and such live and are always being fed by passers-by.
So we drive by and my son (8) says, "Mom! Look at that chicken!" Sure enough, standinf with the white Aflac ducks is a Golden Comet (RSL).
Please do not ask me what came over me. I felt a huge need to"help" this hen. What on earth was she doing in a Walmart parking lot pond with no homes anywhere close by and no shelter.... hanging out with geese and ducks????
My mission was simple. Upon leaving Wally World I was going to snag a box, get the chicken, go home and live happily ever after with my family, dog and SIX (not five) Golden Comet free range hens. Riiiiiiiiiiiiight.
We get the hen in less than a minute, pur her in the box and come home. Our hens were free ranging so when we got home they all came running. We penned them all up including the newbie.
And all hell broke loose. This chick is crazy!!!! She walks around with her wings halfway open all fluffed up and attacks the other hens whether they are close or not. She even attacked my 25lb 13 year old dog!!!!
Now, she is not agressive to us. We can walk right up to her and pick her up without a hitch. She is like a baby. But let me tell you.... she has pecked my other hens one too many times. Feathers were lost and she kept biting their combs.

What should I do?? There has been no blood shed... yet. Should I just take her back? Or is there an adjustment period that I did not know about? Is she being mean because she thinks the others are sick? What is going on???
You threw the poor thing in with an existing flock of chickens she didn't know. She is feeling defensive and trying not to land at the bottom of the pecking order. Yes, there is an adjustment period. Ideally you would quarantine a new bird for a few weeks so if it is sick, you won't pass it on to your newly healthy flock. Then try introducing them slowly. I free range mine at the same time so they can go their separate ways if they want and inspect each other on their own time, then keep them in separate coops until they start feeling like they know each other. Since you just have the 1, maybe just let her sleep in a pet kennel at night and let her out first in the morning to get familiar with the territory before letting the others out. Since it's too late for quarantine, just watch the birds for illness and now you will know for next time.
Maybe she was dumped at Walmart because she IS a demon chicken. I'd keep her under observation when she is around your other chickens to see if her agression lessens as time goes by.
Well I ended up letting them all out this morning. They seem to be doing OK. She is definitely a SHE. My husband seems to think she was dumped because she is a demon chicken. With some time I am thinking she will fit in. At leastthe I hope so. My hens have shown no agression towards her... I guess that is why I was so concerned that she was being mean to them.
Often times kids will get a baby chick as a prize at a county fair or other event, or they'll get to take one home from science class or something similar, then when the kids lose interest or their parents get tired of cleaning up after it, they have to find someone or someplace to dump it on. Wal-Mart is apparently the go-to place to dump an animal that's no longer wanted, so it makes sense you'd find her there.
Just thought I'd update..... everything is GREAT!!! You would never know the Walmart chicken was a Demon :) I guess I will chalk that up to experience under my belt! Thanks for all of your replies and concern. I have read on this forum on and off for a couple of years but never posted. There is a wealth of information and experience here!! Thank you!!!!!!
Maybe she was dumped at Walmart because she IS a demon chicken. I'd keep her under observation when she is around your other chickens to see if her agression lessens as time goes by.
why would some one leave a chicken(s) in a walmart parking lot??? if they wanted to get rid of it they should of had given them to a animal shelter .

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