dental advice please, possibly serious.


11 Years
Aug 29, 2008
back in february, i had a tooth filled with a temporary filling..i was pregnant at the time and they couldnt drill it all the way out so they put a temporary filling in and told me that it might need a root canal.
last week, i went back to this same place, even though i had some serious tooth has hurt since that time and i think that they made it fact, i think i posted on here, asking if it was normal for it to hurt so bad. it showed that it was fractured on the xray and they said this is why i might need a root canal. i had a different dentist this time, who insisted that it was best for him to drill the tooth out and look at it and see how bad it was. well, he did that and it is absolutely horrible now..i am in so much pain. they didnt give me antibiotics or anything for pain either because he said that i didnt have anything done that warranted pain medication. anyways, i have an appointment tomorrow with a different guy but in the meantime, i took some penicillin, to see if i have an my right sinus is swollen and hurting, the right side of my throat hurts really bad and so does my neck..could it just be a sinus infection causing all of this or is it more serious? i really wish i wouldnt have gone to this place.
Ouch! That guy sounds like a quack. Sorry, I don't know what to do, but I know nothing's worse than tooth pain (well back pain's pretty much equal lol) so hopefully someone will chime in who knows. Good luck!
I do not know the answer but I just had a crown done on a live tooth and they did not give me pain meds or anything either. I have never felt such pain in my life, when I about strangled the dentist when he was done he said it did not warrant numbing. It will be the last time at that dentist.
Ask Mahonri he is a dentist.
The dentist drilled instead of cleaning out the roots? There is something I don't get here (I used to be a dental assistant for an endodontist). Were you having the root canal?

I suggest: The pain you are describing should not be happening. However, do not take aspirin or anything that might increase bleeding. Put ice on the swelling to keep it from getting worse. Call the dentist's emergency number and get him on the phone. Tell him what antibiotics you took. Hopefully, he can call in a prescription or, if it is too late, give you some pain meds for the night.

If that does not work, you may have to go to the emergency room if the pain or swelling are that bad.

Hugs and good luck.
Can they just take the darn tooth out? Or is it in a front spot, where people will see it?
Make SURE that you go to your appt tomorrow!!!!! I know you....
I think you need to PM Mahonri - he is a dentist and a proper and reliable one at that. I would trust him with my teeth any day of the week.
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he was drilling it to "see how bad it really was" and to try and fill it..he did fill it, but its still hurts..i still cant believe this place was really like this.
but the thing is..i asked him in the first place if he thought it was able to be saved, seeing as it has a fracture *i guess from grinding my teeth* and he said no..but now he is saying it probably will!

i cant go back because after he refused to give me anything for pain, i basically told him to screw off..i mean seriously..if i wanted some drugs, i can think of far pleasant ways to obtain them than that! i wouldnt want to anyways because i seriously think this guy is an idiot..masters degree or not.
How is your occlusion? Do your teeth line up OK? Sometimes, after a filling, the only real problem is that your teeth are smacking into each other and some shaving needs to be done. It is amazing how much that can hurt.

I clench my teeth in my sleep and have to use a mouth guard. If you clench, and do not grind, you can get an athletic mouth protector that is pretty cheap and will work just fine. If you grind, you need something more sturdy.

I'm not sure about the pain of the drilling in filling, but...

If you grind I would recommend Magnesium. It sounds silly but I have bad TMJD in both of my jaw joints. When I grind it makes this pain unbearable. I asked a dr to remove my jaw it hurt so bad. I went to specialists who just put me on a mild antidepressant "to make me sleep deeper" and made a mouth guard for me. After I started falling asleep behind the wheel, I stopped taking the antidepressant. I asked what else could be done and was told that was it.

After months of researching I heard about magnesium and its ability to help stop grinding. I thought it was worth a shot. I picked up a $3 bottle of magnesium at the grocery store. I decided I would give it 2 weeks. I took 500mg twice a day to start, as my grinding was so bad. In a week I started noticing a difference, by 2 weeks I was sold. After about a year I went down to 500mg once a day. Now 5 years later I would not think of living without magnesium.

I know you have a little one and I will tell you it is safe to take while pregnant or breastfeeding. The worse thing that can happen if you take too much is diarrhea.

Magnesium helps with grinding, restless legs, charlie horses, and more. Think of it as a natural muscle relaxer.
i will have to try that!
the dentist did say that i have a cross bite and that the damage to the tooth is from grinding my teeth..the thing is that it didnt hurt this bad until i went to see him.
im just glad i dont have really major tooth problems..i cant even imagine how bad that would hurt.

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